About Us

At the beginning of her career as a jewelry designer, artist Devin McNutt acquired a small candy tin that once belonged to her grandmother. The octagonal box was decorated with an Art Deco style pattern of purple, rust and gold. It was something she treasured and admired for many years.

In the midst of building her fledgling jewelry business Devin learned many jewelry making techniques and styles without finding one that really “rang true” to her. One day she had a exciting idea: why not use the beautifully printed metal that adorned her grandmother's tin to make jewelry? This new medium not only encompassed Devin's love of antiques and vintage, but also the importance of repurposing, and the transformative nature of upcycling. She began her love affair with vintage tin then and has never turned back.

The tins featured in Saffron Creations designs have been collected over the years by scouring flea markets, yard sales and antique stores. Most of the tins were manufactured during the mid 20th century in England and Holland and were used to package loose tea and English style biscuits. They now line the walls of Devin's studio and serve as a colorful paint palette of sorts, from which she draws her inspiration.

Each piece of Saffron Creations jewelry is crafted by hand from start to finish in Devin's Philadelphia studio. Her stylish, yet timeless designs alter these everyday household items into something truly divine.